Two-thirds of consumers would rather use a chatbot than browse a website

Two-thirds of consumers would rather use a chatbot than browse a website

According to venturebeat Chatbots, have become practically ubiquitous on the internet today. According to, not only do eight out of 10 people say they’ve used a chatbot in the past, but the vast majority of consumers — 70% — say that chatbots typically answer all or most of their questions satisfactorily.

Chatbots have become such an important way of navigating websites and finding information that two-thirds of consumers say they would rather use a chatbot than browse a website to find what they’re looking for. Approximately 18% of consumers use chatbots to find business hours, while 17% are interested in learning more about product information, and 16% are looking to find a nearby business location; other use cases include making a customer service request (16%), requesting technical support (12%), requesting a quote (11%) and asking for personalized recommendations (9%).

Meanwhile, marketers are deploying chatbots in greater numbers to enhance the customer journey. Ninety-three percent of marketing professionals say their companies currently use chatbots to interact with prospects and customers, while 87% of companies that don’t currently utilize chatbots expect to do so in the future, with half of them expected to do so in the next year or sooner. Nearly all marketing professionals — 98% — confirm that chatbots have improved the customer journey overall for customers and prospects, as well as increased lead conversions for their companies. The most noted benefit was increased sales conversions, followed by more qualified leads, decreased customer-support requests, a more positive customer experience and increased brand affinity, respectively.

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